Comic Cast: Kevin Joseph

Kevin Joseph and Ludovic Sallé are responsible for crafting one of my favorite indie titles, Tart. Tart is centered around teenage girls tragically murdered throughout history whose souls are recruited (jerked out of the time stream) to be trained as agents of order known as Toxic Fruits. Tart 5 is the second installment of the “Submerged” storyline. In it, we find three Toxic Fruit soldiers exploring an area of the world known as Truk Lagoon. The lagoon was the setting of Operation Hailstone, one of the deadliest Pacific Island battles of WW II. To this day, the waters of the area are littered with sunken ships, downed jets and – if some are to be believed – the souls of soldiers who perished there over six decades ago. Watch the Kickstarter video, back the project, and enjoy the interview!

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AlternaPodcast: Zach Galligan

Like anyone who is a child of the 80’s I always find it exciting to revisit those who were influential in carving their names into my heart and soul. A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Zach Galligan at a convention and I’m proud to say that he is as genuine in person as in our interview. He stars as Prison Guard Riley in the upcoming film The Chair and here he shares his experience of delving into the dark corners of Death Row.

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The Morning After Raw for May 14, 2015

I haven’t watched WWE since Wrestlemania, there hasn’t been a “Morning After”
since the Raw after Mania…sounds like a perfect time for me to tag in for a week.
By the looks of the huge Davey Boy Smith flags hanging on each side of the
Jumbotron, Raw is coming to us live from London.

John Cena comes out to the expected “John Cena suuucckkks” chants to the beat of
his music. I know it’s the “cool” thing to do if you’re in attendance and you’re in the
25-40 year old range and you feel you must be snarky and cool but please realize
you’re a douche if you boo Cena. Cena’s control of the crowd is amazing with the
brilliant timing with talking up London for Wrestlemania. This along with the
simple, understated “Pork” sign in the crowd and Raw is off to a good start.
Hold up…why have I not noticed Eden Stiles before? She is bringing back memories
of my Stacey Dash love…time for me to turn on some Jodeci and get real…

Cena issues another US Title Open Challenge, and out comes…

United States Championship Match
John Cena vs Bad News Barrett

BNB getting the crowd reaction he deserves daily. Love the BNB multiple knees
while Cena is tied up in the ropes. Great match with some new variation of moves
thrown in. BNB slips an AA and lands a “Gorky Park”…1-2,
Fantastic kicks by BNB and selling by Cena into a Wasteland..1-2, Cena slips a
Bullhammer into AA..1-2. BNB lands a Bullhammer…1-2. Cena lands a great spring
board Stunner followed by AA for the win. Great match.

Lana comes out (get to steppin’ Eden Stiles) and while Cena is looking at her like
everyone else, Rusev attacks from behind with a chain fist. Russian Chain match
coming up at Extreme Rules.

#1 Contender Diva Battle Royal

Skinny and Titties come out to do guest commentary and a couple times Michael
Cole sounds too comfortable playing the part of their little, jealous sister when he
says “Well, they beat you too!”

I’ve been enjoying some Diva’s matches lately with AJ, Paige, and the Bellas but this
Battle Royal is the opposite of that. The lack of talent really shows in this type of
match when ad libbing is needed. Summer Rae is a waste..she’s terrible and ugly.

Some horrible things happen then it’s down to three black chicks beating up Paige.
Looks like a scene out of a movie where the new goth girl starts high school in
Crenshaw. It comes down to Naomi and Paige and Paige wins. Naomi tries to kill her

Only enjoyable thing was seeing Paige take in the crowd during her entrance.
Bray is talking while wearing a vest made from his beard. Mentions the new face of
fear and shows off the back of the vest that has a logo from a Hot Topic shirt.

Lucha Dragons vs The Ascension

Dragons are fun but I wonder if they’re popping due to an easy move and chant the
crowd can do. (Worked for Obama) I also wonder if The Ascension are being held
back by that ridiculous receding ponytail. Highlight of the match was Cole telling
Booker T to try the English version of Rosetta Stone.

Roman Reigns joins Booker in the ring and actually does a decent job on the mic. I
liked how he played with the crowd. He seems much more comfortable now. Big
Slow appears on the Jumbotron. Reigns cuts on him and Show shows up and
destroys a taxi with his body. My hate for the crowd leaves for a bit due to the
“Please Retire” chants aimed at Show.

Randy Orton vs Cesaro

Very quick DQ and Kane makes it a handicap match due to Orton having the option
of naming a stipulation in his Extreme Rules match with Rollins.

Randy Orton vs Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

Huge Uppercuts by Cesaro and another fantastic RKO by Orton to grab the win.

Adam Rose vs Dean Ambrose
Who cares? Hate them both. Somebody please cut Ambrose’s hair or pair him with
The Ascension ponytail.

Show and Kane talk backstage about what’s best for business. Kane seems troubled.

Stardust vs Fandango

Another short match with Stardust winning. Boy, do I hate Fandango. Don’t get why
he’s ever been over..maybe it’s the easy crowd thing again. Still love Cody even with
an extreme close up of him saying “STARDUSTH”.

Daniel Bryan tires to give Kane a pep talk to not lay down for Rollins. They are
trying hard to make people care about this angle.

Seth Rollins vs Kane

Kane fights a little to show he still has some respect…but it’s countered by his
mangy dog hair atop his huge head. He lays out Seth then puts his lifeless body on
him, giving Seth the win and a stipulation to choose for Extreme Rules.

Damien Mizdow vs The Miz

Jesus, another 2 minute match with Mizdow getting the win. I realize that my hatred
of the Usos has been transferred to Summer…please put her down.

Prime Time Players cut a promo and I like just because they rip on Puerto Ricans.

Ryback vs Luke Harper

Ugh, another quick, DQ match. Harper hits Ryback with announce table top and it’s
over. Waste of Space Ambrose comes out and makes stupid faces that causes Harper to leave.

Namoi gets a backstage interview that we just had to see.

Dolph Ziggler vs Neville

Finally, another good match. Crowd was way into it and with Neville being paired
with Ziggler how could it not be great. Fantastic DDT by Ziggler for the win.
Free idea for WWE…grab the rights to “Elf on the Shelf”. Reimagine it as an action
movie titled “Elf on the Shelf: Bloodlines” and make Neville the lead. You’re

Heel Sheamus runs in and destroys Ziggler. Looked to be some stiff blows landed
outside the ring..imagine that. God, I love Heel Sheamus.

Main Event is the ever exciting in ring segment. Rollins is sitting in a chair that looks
to be made of 8 pairs of his pleather pants. If this is the life of the company’s “the
man”, sign me up when they get quality furniture. He’s actually reclined during most
of the segment if that gives you a hint of how electric it was. Rollins stipulation is
that the RKO is banned. Orton counters with a steel cage. These guys would be terrible at Stratego.

Spot of the Night

Ziggler’s DDT/Neville’s 450

Cena vs BNB
2. “Please Retire”
3. Eden Stiles

Diva Battle Royal
2. Receding Hairlines running amuck
3. Summer Rae

TriConWV: Mark Kidwell


Mark Kidwell is the author/illustrator of dozens of comic books representing genres from horror to western to sword and sorcery heroic fantasy. His work has been published by Image Comics, Fangoria Magazine, Cryptic Magazine, IDW and others. He has written multiple screenplays including BUMP, based on his splatterpunk comic series from Fangoria Comics. BUMP is in pre-production as a motion picture, and his full prose novel based on the story will be published in 2010.

In 2009, Mark began designing special FX makeup and creatures for Robert Kurtzman’s Precinct 13 Entertainment group, working on projects from such horror luminaries as Stuart Gordon, Dee Snider and Don Coscarelli. Mark considers his collaboration with co-creators Nat Jones and Jay Fotos on ’68 a high water mark in a career of producing dark, intelligent horror fiction.

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TriConWV: Lora Innes


Lora Innes is the creator of The Dreamer, a historical fiction webcomic about a high school Bostonian named Bea Whaley who begins having dreams about the Revolutionary War. Every night the dream picks up where the last one left of, and it isn’t long before Bea questions if these are just dreams… or if they’re something more.

Full of adventure, romance, and war, The Dreamer has grown a cult following online. The graphic novel collections are published by IDW Publishing and have been nominated for four Harvey Awards. Lora also co-hosts the Paper Wings Podcast, a show about elevating the craft of making independent comics.

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TriConWV: Darryl Banks


Darryl is a native of Columbus, Ohio, and a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design. Darryl worked on one of the first ever painted comics, Cyberpunk. As a part of Innovation and Millennium publishing he worked on numerous titles including the adaptation of the TV series The Wild Wild West and the comic adaptation of Doc Savage.

In 1993 he started working with DC Comics on Legion of Superheroes and later on Green Lantern. His claim to fame is co-creating Kyle Rayner. Darryl also had a hand in redesigning Parallax, Grayven, Fatality, Dr. Polaris and Dr. Light.

Darryl’s body of work also includes Captain America, X-Men, JLA, Superboy, Teen Titans, Tomb Raider: Epiphany, GI Joe Reloaded, Johnnie Zombie and numerous covers for Marvel, DC and other major publishers.

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AlternaPodcast: Chad Ferrin

My first experience interviewing a film director couldn’t have been more enjoyable or gone smoother. A very special thanks to Chad Ferrin for being completely candid and totally transparent. Throughout our conversation he spoke with such fervor that I can see why he was the perfect man for the job.


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TriConWV: Justin Stewart


Justin Stewart is informed in all facets of comic making. Pencilling, inking, coloring, lettering, layout, logos and design. Justin began his professional comics career in 2005 coloring a Jim Mahfood-drawn story in Speakeasy’s Beowulf #7. That pairing would spark a collaboration that lasts to this day, most recently with the Lion Forge/IDW series Miami Vice: Remix. Justin has also done artwork for Disney, Image Comics, Archaia, Boom! Studios, Viper Comics, and Zenescope Entertainment and is lead graphic designer for publisher Apex Book Company. He along with artist Tressina Bowling will be taking their Live-Art group known as Six Bomb Boards to Sharkey’s this Friday night at 8pm to kick-off the weekend!

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