The Morning After NXT Unstoppable

So. Many of you have noticed I missed a ppv and like 4 Raws and for those of you have seen them you understand why. In a week where ROH and NJPW just tore wrestling apart, PWG had a solid dvd released, and now NXT having a huge show I just don’t have the time to sit through 3 hours of Raw where nothing happened, then 3 hours of a hold over PPV where nothing matters, then 3 hours of Raw again. I have no problem with story lines in wrestling being boring or formulaic, just have great matches. The WWE is fine, but compared to other shows, it’s just fine.

It’s not even the other options, the WWE doesn’t give a shit. They push social media, they would kill to be main stream and then resent their talent who cross over when they aren’t pushing them to. They replay Roman Reigns(who I don’t even dislike) on ESPN for a midday segment on a show no one with a job ever saw, yet willfully ignore Adam Rose’s spotlight segment on ESPN:60. That’s fine, but, they ignored Darren Young when he made national news. They ignored Titus O’Neil when he made big news last week. They dogfucked Fandango. The WWE says things about pushing a brand but they just don’t do it. They want to push what they want to push and they treat organically growing strong receptions like plutonium. I know I sound like a petulant child and there are other options, and that’s what I have been doing.

I’m not breaking up with you WWE I just need some space and to think about things.

Number One Contenders Match
Tyler Breeze vs Finn Balor

The winner of this match gets to be smashed by Kevin Owens,Tyler Breeze’s entrance is better than wrestling, it should be in a movie, this is how the Die Hard villain should enter the movie. Finn Balor’s entrance is so good if a Marvel movie used it I would swear I hate it. Balor’s body paint is cool and all until the commentary team started talking it up and how he draws inspiration from it, now i just want to hit the fruit with a garden hose. Balor kicks out of multiple finishers before jumping off of a 4 foot light stand with a bad cross body and finishing Breeze with a double stomp. I forgot how annoying the NXT crowd is.

Emma and Dana Brooke vs Charlotte Flair and Bayley

Emma is under used by the WWE by about 10% and everyone cries over it, She is loved by this crowd, so they are having her work heel…sigh. Dana Brooks stinks. She is just bad, not good, very terrible wrestler. Bayley is the most adored female wrestler in the world and Charlotte is the best. I know this is typical but it is funny that the best female talent the WWE has they keep on their Network only B show. Suplex by Bayley into the hot tag to Charlotte accompanied by one of the worst selling jobs ever by Emma. I understand she must be frustrated and feels underused but she could at least try when she gets chances. Charlotte wins with Natural Selection and the faces celebrate in the ring while I honestly wait for both of them to turn on each other, oh well.

Uhaa Nation ringside and I am stoked for how great the future looks.

Rhino comes out and I’m reminded how much I hate the past.

Rhyno vs Baron Corbin

Sigh. The best thing about Baron Corbin is his matches last 2 minutes. Corbin, widely booed. Smark crowd is not the place for a Corbin like character to get over, these people would boo Goldberg. Corbin throws Rhyno into the corner and proceeds to miss with kicks and do the lightest overhand forearms I’ve seen in a long time. Impressive. It’s hard for a guy this big to work this soft and make it look this fake and take me out of the show I’ve enjoyed this much. Rhyno goes for a Belly to Belly and Corbin headbutts his way out. “Great counter by Corbin”. Oh was it? I’m here with these eyes watching one of the worst dumbest things I’ve ever seen and I thought it was a terrible counter, but thanks Mr Graves for telling me how great it was. End of Days, which is a dumb finisher, for the 3 count, match sucked, Corbin sucks.

Would take something special to get me over that match,

Enzo comes running out sideways with the microphone and everything is better.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
Enzo and Big Cass w/Carmella vs Blake and Murphy(c)

Blake and Murphy’s music and camera effects to try and confuse viewers into thinking they have a personality is amazing. Corey Grave’s ability to cross back and forth between boring face and over the top bad heel color commentator is impressive. As usual with an Enzo and Cass match what happens in the ring isn’t the story, Blake and Murphy retain when Alexa Bliss interferes and I guess that’s it for this match. Oh well. Kind of wish Enzo talked more, but that was ok.

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks (c)

I take the Divas on the main roster with a grain of salt. I don’t dislike them, I just will never care. I like NXT’s Women’s division to a point, but I never think about how good one of their matches will be without Charlotte involved, this match has me feeling differently because of how good Sasha Banks has become. So Becky Lynch comes out dressed like a dickhead, and theres that. Steam Punk Diva huh? Becky spends the entire match working Sasha’s arm, which is actually kind of refreshing to see a story in a women’s match that isn’t “these girls are sociopaths and you can’t figure out who you hate less”.

The match goes on to be pretty incredible. Banks is probably the best female worker in the company and after living in her character she really, really is great. I can’t remember the last WWE match that sold limb damage like this match has. This is like watching a 2004 ROH match, Suicide Dive caught and turned into slam into the ring steps? How? Sasha Banks hits a Shoulder Buster off the top rope and turns it into Bank Statement for the tap. This women’s match was bizarre with how good it was. I know this is a repeated corny statement, but NXT’s Women’s division is kind of ridiculous.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens (c)

Steen vs Generico on WWE tv. Maybe I should stop watching Raw and just do write ups for NXT? I’m sure Gavin won’t fire me as he reads this. Owens comes out with a John Cena shirt and I wonder if he realizes how not a heel move that is considering the crowd. Zayn spends the first 5 minutes being the aggressor goring all over the floor of the ringside area to the point that had the ref been counting I think the match would’ve been thrown out several times. Ring Apron PopUp Power Bomb, ouch. Owens proceeds to beat up the immobile Zayn several times pushing medical staff and referees out of the way. Regal finally has to come down and physically get involved before eating a headbutt. I guess Zayn’s shoulder is kind of a problem as the match appears to be over.

Owens gets a chair and it would appear we are going to be shelfing him. Music hits. Bad music. OH MY FUCKING GOD IT’S SAMOA JOE.

Samoa Joe walks out with a towel on his head and I can’t handle this right now. Owens and Joe stare each other down but Owens eventually heels out and leaves the ring holding his title in the air. I guess we didn’t get the main event, but I enjoyed this way more.

Spot of the Night
Pop Up Power Bomb onto the Ring Apron

The Good and The Bad

2 Lynch vs Banks
3 Samoa Joe

Baron Corbin
2 Baron Corbin was booked to wrestle Rhyno
3 The match happened

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