Bunkhouse Stampede Episode 8 – The Cult of Punk

Gavin and Pat will look at the historic events throughout wrestling history for March 17th, and play some humorously retro ads and commercial breaks while they sneak a drink of water in. The main feature of the night will be The Cult of Punk, an examination of why CM Punk’s popularity continues to endure even after walking away from the sport and having very little good to say about it. Despite his apparent attitude towards the business, you can hear his name chanted at multiple events as well as find a plethora of fantasy booking scenarios that involve his triumphant return to WWE. To round out the show, “The Natural” Butch Reed will join The Fantastics, Jimmy Garvin, Big Bubba Rogers, Danny Spivey, and others in the newly named “Hall of Pretty Damn Good.d.